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Central Backhoe & Utilities provides multiple excavation services for both contractors and homeowners. We pride ourselves in being dependable and timely. Because your time is valuable, we do not want to waste your important resource. Therefore, if we schedule your particular job, we will be there as scheduled, or we will call you. We strive to give quality work with great care. You, our customers, have taken pride in building up your businesses and residences, and it’s important to avoid any unnecessary damages to structures, fences, terrain or plant life.

Some of the services we provide include excavating out areas for building sites, including preparing the site with fill dirt and compaction. We provide digging for footings, interior plumbing, septic or sewer, power, water and gas lines. Once the building is completed, we do grading and clean up around the exterior.

Building new driveways for residences and businesses, and repairing or maintaining existing driveways is another one of our strengths. We install culverts when requested, put on base course or gravel, and install bar ditches for drainage.

These are just a few of our services. We hope it will give you a good idea of what we can offer you, our customers. We can provide whatever equipment is needed to accomplish the work you request to your satisfaction. We strive for dependability, honest and fair estimates, and quality service to all our customers. Please give us a call to discuss your next job, big or small.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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