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A Reputable Utility and Excavation Company

Central Backhoe & Utilities is a professional contractor that offers superior services to our clients in the Greater San Antonio and surrounding areas. Since 1987, we have been committed to delivering excellent results efficiently and consistently.

What We Offer

Civil Utility Construction

Our team of professionals specializes in all areas of excavation. These include conducting roadwork and handling water and sewer systems. We also offer utility repairs and installations.

Rock Excavation

Rely on us to use our cutting-edge equipment in accomplishing rock excavation jobs for various utilities. In addition, we utilize our rock millers to grind stones and boulders for roads and pad sites.

Our Competitive Edge

Central Backhoe & Utilities has earned its reputation of quality and professionalism with a diverse background in residential, multifamily and commercial developments.  We stand behind our work and quickly deal with any issues that may arise, because that’s what GC’s, Owners and Developers expect.  Our Owner, Project Managers and Superintendent maintain good relationships with all entities involved in permitting, inspections and materials, just to name a few.  We will work harder than the rest to make



Why Trust Us

Central Backhoe & Utilities is a fully insured company that aims to provide quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We also have the following licenses, which means that we are authorized to offer our expertise for fire sprinkler systems and on-site sewage facilities.

  • Texas Fire Protection, SCR-U & RME-U

  • Texas Master Plumber

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